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Best Grammar Checker For Mac OS {2021} – Upgrade Your Writing Today!

Everyone can write. But how many of us can produce truly error-free, grammatically sound content every single time? Though English is considered a global language, many are still falling prey to things like spelling mistakes, grammar problems, tense and style issues, etc. Thankfully, there is a solution to this big issue – the best grammar checker tools for Mac OS.

Indeed, for Mac OS users especially, there is a vast litany of grammar checker software tools and plagiarism checkers out there now that can help scrub your content clean of any and all literary errors, even as you type – anything you write.

But hey, the real question, however, is; “What is the best grammar checker for Mac?”

Come, let’s find out…

Best Grammar Checker For Mac OS – Be A Better Writer, Instantly!

A brilliant (and cheaper) alternative to human proofreaders, the primary feature of the best grammar editing software for Mac is to check & offer fixes for grammatical errors. However, many such programs nowadays offer much more than this. In fact, a good, modern best grammar checker app for Mac OS can help you fix;

  • Common spelling errors
  • The annoyance of passive voice and writing styles
  • Bad readability levels
  • Other common errors like misplaced apostrophes, misused words or wrong punctuations, etc.
  • Plagiarism (aka stolen/copied contents)

As you can see, these Grammar checkers can revolutionize your writing for the better. They can save you both time and money proofreading while further improving your content quality and writing skills as a whole.

Top Grammar Software For Mac OS – Must-Haves!

There is numerous best software to grammar check for Mac tools out there. Below, we have listed 4 of the most impressive tools of the bunch – evaluating their top features, major pros, cons, and overall quality & performance.

Let’s start with the most outstanding one;

1) Grammarly – Best Free Grammar Checker App For Mac OS

Okay, this might be anti-climatic. But if you want the best grammar checker for Mac OS, Grammarly is the best you can do, period!

You can use Grammarly via the free web interface, browser extension, mobile app, or the desktop app. It also has integration for MS word. Grammarly can detect all types of mistakes, from misused words, typos to structure/style issues and beyond. It highlights errors in red and offers solutions that are applicable in one click. The free version is pretty good and offers powerful spell and grammar checking to the masses. If you want plagiarism checking, you need to spring for the premium subscription, starting at 25.95 a month.

This amount is well worth paying because Grammarly grammar checker for Mac can also act as a cloud backup for your content. Whenever you proof heck your text document with Grammarly, it will get stored in your Grammarly profile. Thanks to this, you can easily work on your contents across different o devices and operating systems with convenience.

When you create a Grammarly account, you will be able to add words to your personal dictionary, select your preferred English dialect, and even check your content for different genres. Indeed, it’s a full writing package!

Key Features

  • A keen focus on readability, word variety, conciseness, and clarity
  • Rich text formatting tools
  • In-depth metrics
  • Powerful plagiarism detector (for paid users)

The Pros

  • Accurate contextual suggestions
  • Gorgeous interface
  • Excellent cross-platform support (android/iOS apps included)

The Cons

  • Steep short-term pricing
  • No MS Office integration for Mac users (it’s under beta testing)

User Opinion

“As a writer, Grammarly is a no-brainer for me. It allows me to have confidence that I have two pairs of eyes on everything I write.”

2) ProWritingAid – Best Grammar Checker Software For Macbook

Starting at $20 a month, ProWritingAid is a powerful best grammar checker for Mac OS that acts as your virtual writing tutor & grammar checker as well as a writing coach.

The ultra-minimal interface is a pleasure to use. PWA can check your writings in real-time, capable of correcting everything from typos, punctuation errors to bad word choices, grammatical mistakes, and more… it offers up to 20 different writing reports you can click one by one. It offers a separate report to identify sentence structures or clichés in the content. We particularly liked the “Echoes” feature, which lists the places with overused turns of words and phrases.

Cross-platform support is crazy good. ProWritingAid integrates with MS Word outlook, Google Docs, Open Office, final draft, and even Scrivener. There is a desktop app for Mac and can be installed on your browser as a plug-in.

Key Features

  • Powerful grammar/spell checker with lots of in-depth reports
  • Mac and Windows support
  • Cost-efficient
  • Integrated Word coach – improves your writing skills

The Pros

  • secure 256 – bit content protection
  • Plagiarism checker
  • Suitable for fiction writers and Scrivener fans

The Cons

  • The UI & proofreading is slower than Grammarly & Ginger
  • No Mobile version

User Opinion

“ProWritingAid is my go-to writing coach and an essential for any writer – from beginning to bestseller. I use it for my emails to book drafts & I can’t recommend it enough.”

3) Ginger Software – Best Software For Grammar Check For Mac

Suppose you are somebody who works with multiple languages. In that case, Ginger is obviously the best Grammar checker for Mac OS for you as it can translate any content between 65+ languages as well as do premium-grade proofreading.

Just paste extracts of your text into the web app, and it’ll quickly scan, highlight, and offer solutions for all types of textual errors, including typos, structure styles, and punctuations. Ginger’s word processor reveals the character count, word count & sentence rate with readability scores to boot. 

Like Grammarly, Ginger premium offers more context for grammatical mistakes than most other tools. For instance, the tool features an advanced feature that checks up on grammar rules like subject-verb agreement.

As good as it is, Ginger is not without its flaws. Significantly, there is no plagiarism checker, and the correction explanations aren’t as detailed as you get with Grammarly or ProWritingAid. Still, at $29.96 a month, Ginger is a good deal nevertheless.

Key Features

  • Highly accurate grammar and punctuation checking capabilities  
  • Virtual writing tutor (only on pro-subscription)
  • Simple interface
  • Translates in over 60 languages

The Pros

  • Highlights errors with detailed contextual explanations
  • The highly capable free version
  • Powerful keyboard app for android

The Cons

  • No plagiarism checker
  • The Ginger customer support leaves a lot to be desired

User Opinion

“I trust Ginger to help me avoid making silly grammar mistakes – and so far, it has never let me down; definitely recommended!”

4) WhiteSmoke – Free Grammar Checker For Students Using Mac

One of the most cost-efficient best grammar checker for Mac OS out there, WhiteSmoke corrects more than just spelling errors, but everything from Word choice, grammar, punctuation, and even styling mistakes.

The WhiteSmoke free grammar checker for students using Mac is based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) algorithm, which contextually analyzes contents & suggests error solutions and improvements, even as you write. The built-in personalized dictionary with a thesaurus is a boon for upstart writers. In fact, WhiteSmoke can also help you grow as a better writer, as they host video tutorials, articles, and how-to guides that will help you understand grammar laws better and work on your literary weaknesses.  

Furthermore, WhiteSmoke also has a translator and dictionary for more than 50 languages, over 100 built-in templates, as well as video tutorials, error explanations, and a plagiarism checker – all wrapped in a simple, clutter-free interface.

Key Features

  • AI technology and natural language processing = accurate, fast suggestions
  • Plagiarism checker (paid)
  • Support word-to-word translation across 55 languages
  • Built-in dictionary and thesaurus

The Pros

  • A vast range of document templates – letters, greeting cards, formal forms, etc.
  • Affordable
  • Works with Safari, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Outlook, etc.

The Cons

  • The user interface severely lags behind Grammarly & Ginger
  • The mobile app comes at an extra cost

 User Opinion

“I love WhiteSmoke! It’s my go-to proof checker. The tool fits my budget perfectly and has all the tools I need to make my assignments look awesome.”

Best Grammar Checker Program For Mac OS – FAQ

Literally, you will be putting your content’s (and you’re) future in these tools, so you must make the right choice.

To help decide, here’s an FAQ on the best grammar checker for Mac OS tools;

1) Who needs the best English grammar checker tool for Mac?

From bloggers, novelists to marketers, if you are a writer who takes their craft seriously or depend on it to put food on the table, the best grammar checker for Mac OS is a no brainer, as they’ll help you sort out literary errors faster & smarter.
In fact, if you write in any capacity, these tools have a definite use for you – period!

2) I can use MS Word to check my writing – won’t that be enough?

Sure, the built-in proof checker for MS Word is good. But, when it comes to certain situations like technical reports, personal essays, etc., it definitely isn’t the best fit as it’s neither flexible nor accurate enough to meet the new standards.
The best English grammar checker tool for Mac, on the other hand, is custom-built to serve these kinds of pro-grade jobs better.

3) Is a grammar checker safe to use?

Unless you are writing something legally or commercially sensitive, then yes, the best grammar checker for Mac OS is very safe to use. A good grammar checker, like the ones above, won’t ever monitor your content!

4) Can Grammar checkers work offline?

Not all of them, but there are a couple of tools that work offline too. You probably won’t receive the same quality of service as with online checkers, as some tools like plagiarism detector are totally web-dependent on working.
Among the ones listed above, both Ginger & WhiteSmoke has pretty decent offline support that’s good enough to rely when on the go.

5) Free or paid – which should I get?

It depends. If you anticipate a steady writing workload, then yes, springing for a premium grammar checker is definitely worth it.
For everyone else, the free versions should suffice.

Top Grammar Software For Mac OS – The Conclusion

Remember, as good as these tools are, they are in no way a total replacement for a human proof-reader, particularly for legal, longer projects.

That said, these 4 top best Grammar checker for Mac OS can still indeed make all your proofreading and editing jobs a breeze! As you saw, all of them come with different features, pros, cons, and capabilities. To pick the right one, think about your writing needs, the amount of help you require with it, and use that info to select the perfect, best grammar editing software for Mac that will help elevate your writing to the next level.

So which grammar checker did you pick? We’d like to know! Let us know in the comments below, along with your opinions, doubts & suggestions.

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  1. Hey,
    You are right many people can write but some from them can produce truly error free means grammatically mistakes. I also get some mistake while writing and i have to check one by one. Thank you for sharing this post with grammar check app for mac os.

    You have suggested four types for grammar check app in which i think grammarly is good because we can use it on anywhere like phone, desktop ,web interface and etc.It can find all the mistakes.

    Your post is very helpful for me and i try to follow your apps that you suggested.

    thank you,

    1. Hey Sweety,
      Thanks, Sweety Kumari for your response. Yes, we too love Grammarly. However, the other tools are pretty amazing too. Do try them out & please share with us your experience.

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